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During the last months of the solar year, the trees turn vivid hues of red, orange, and yellow.
It's this combination of cool weather and striking sights that make fall one of the most breathtaking moments in Japan. The cold wind, the dancing of the leaves falling from the maple trees, and the animals preparing for hibernation create this romantic painting that visitors will never forget.
Visit the Imperial Garden, admire the delights of nature and fall under the spell of the stunning autumn colors of Japan.

In Momiji, players try to get the most victory points and attempt to fulfill their objectives, by collecting the most valuable autumn leaves of the Imperial Garden, in ancient Japan.


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Players start with a hand of six leaf cards and a series of three landscape powers (landscapes are drafted or equally assigned for the first game). The three landscape tiles are assembled in a unique seamless panorama.

During their turn, players choose one of the three options:


Collect leaf cards: players take all the leaves of one type from the central display. They may optionally pay one acorn token to reveal new leaf cards.



Play leaf cards: Players may play leaf cards in two different modes in front of them, in their player area. Eventually, they activate the bonus of the acorns.



Activate an objective token: Players pay three acorn tokens to activate an objective for all the players and keep it in their player area (they are the owners of that token).

Players may optionally activate the landscape powers to boost their actions, or discard cards to obtain precious acorns.

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The game ends when the leaf cards deck is depleted or a certain number of leaf piles are closed with a Torii symbol, among all players. Players then score for their leaf cards piles, the objective tokens fulfilled and the acorn tokens remaining. The player with the most victory points at the end of the game is the winner.

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